Through hospitality, we are invited to be our brother’s/sister’s keeper at all dimensions. Key priorities include:

  • Social Action: We will establish a process to increase membership and participation to a level that everyone has a sense of belonging
  • Socializing: We seek to become a community that recognizes its members as unique individuals with a commitment to share ourselves in fellowship and offer the mutual support that family provides
  • Appreciation of each other and recognize our responsibility to our brothers and sisters who are in need of physical, emotional or spiritual support;
  • Inclusivity: We aspire to be a community that recognizes its members and new members as unique individuals committed to share in fellowship and offer mutual support.

The Social Welfare Committee is responsible for hospitality at the Parish. It ensures the inclusiveness, peacefulness, and harmony in the Parish Community. It also reminds us that we have individual and communal responsibility towards one other through love, care and support. This is done through inclusivity, dynamism, harmony and works of mercy. Further the Parish as a whole is always willing to reach out to the less privileged and under evangelized. 

The social welfare committee’s activities involve taking inventory of the Parish property; organising Parish, group and individual feasts; identifying the needy & supporting them as well as working closely with the development and finance committees.