The Parish Communication Committe

The Communications Committee is established under the leadership of the Pastoral Council to improve and maintain parish communication and to coordinate communication strategies. It draws its membership from various church groups and associations within the parish. The committee actively seeks passionate members with skills in mass communication including but not limited to strategic planning, proposal writing and development, graphic design, web design and content management, digital content creation and management, storytelling, social media content generation and management among others. The committee’s broad objective is to keep all parishioners informed and regularly updated on events in our parish community by doing the following:

  1. Improving parish communication tools (bulletin, website, voicemail, e-mail, blogging, etc.) and content as new communication strategies and technologies emerge.
  2. Conveying parish news, activities, and events effectively, efficiently, and economically to all parishioners.
  3. Providing methods by which information regarding the on-going activities of the parish is made available to all parishioners.
  4. Serving as the medium through which parish activity may be communicated to all parishioners.
  5. Fostering more effective means of communication between the Parish Council and its various committees as well as the parish community.
  6. Communicating the activities of the Parish Council, executive committee and standing committees to the parishioners.
  7. Managing the parish website
  8. Managing and running the Communications Office of the Parish
  9. Finding out avenues of raising money for the Committee

Communication (Information Sharing & Interactions)

Information sharing will help us coordinate issues and activities within and outside the parish. Our key priority is to communicate frequently and effectively with parishioners regarding parish activities through the leadership of the Parish Communication Committee.

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