According to the ancient tradition and the teaching of the Church, the readings other than the Gospel are proclaimed by lay ministers called lectors. The use of two readers – one for each reading – is encouraged. The parish community should strive for enough trained lectors to fulfill this goal (Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass #52).

The two requirements for lectors listed in the General Introduction to the Lectionary are that lectors should be “truly suited to perform this function”, and that they should receive careful preparation. In order for an individual to be regarded as “truly suited”, it is required that s/he:

  • Be a fully initiated Catholic living in communion with the Church,
  • Should have received both First Holy Communion and Confirmation,
  • Should not be living in an invalid marriage or in any other state of grave sin,
  • Should have necessary native talents to serve as a lector,
  • Should be able to proclaim the readings in a clear manner that express the dignity of scripture
  • Should be free of any canonical penalty
  • Should live a life which befits the ministry to be undertaken.

Lectors are to receive careful preparation. This preparation includes training programs offered by the parish, and their own personal preparation.

At the Embulbul Catholic parish there are 26 lectors based at the Mary Mother of God Catholic Church. They meet every 4th Sunday of the month. Some of activities undertaken by the lectors include organising retreats and seminars to cultivate their spiritual growth and visiting needy families.