It comprises of leadership levels and areas of implementation at the Diocese, SMA Fathers and Parish levels. Key priority areas include:

  • Diocese, the SMA Fathers, Religious and lay institutions to teach, sanctify, serve and unify;
  • Creating an environment that inspires & engages parishioners to make Christ more centred in their lives through the Eucharist & Gospel-sharing
  • Fostering a harmonized Parish Community that is collaborative, inclusive, empowered, well informed and where all parishioners have a sense of belonging
  • Fostering a free and secure Parish Community which makes the faithful contribute towards the physical, human. psychological and spiritual growth;
  • Identifying capital improvement plan for immediate and long term maintenance, building needs and costs;
  • Fostering maximum security to parishioners and assets

    Key committees supporting the realization the administration priorities include:

The Finance Committee

In the Code of Canon Law 537, the Church requires each parish to organize a Finance Council and lays down its membership as well as its duties and responsibilities. At the Embulbul Catholic Parish, the finance committee members are drawn from the three churches that make up the parish.

The Development Committee

The parish pastoral council appoints members of the Development Committee. At least the Chairman of the Development Committee is a member of the Parish/Church Council whilst other members of the Parish may be co-opted into the Development committee taking into consideration their expertise/skills and commitment to the Committee. The Committee comprises of people residing within the Embulbul Catholic Parish and who demonstrate a strong commitment to serving the church. Persons with professional knowledge and experience in engineering, construction, maintenance, and purchasing are considered for recruitment. It is advisable that among the experts in the Development Committee be included, a lawyer, engineer and architect. The development’s committee’s role includes:

  1. Advising and assisting the Parish Priest and the Pastoral Council in the promotion of development within and outside the Parish.
  2. Developing alliances and partnerships to advance the Parish’s strategic plan and to assist in the overall community growth.
  3. Working closely with the Social Welfare and the Finance Committee in ensuring funding and recording of inventories.
  4. Advising and informing the Parish Priests and the Parish Council of new legal obligations on land, buildings, cars and obligations.
  5. Advising and developing a strategic funding plan in conjunction with Finance Committee taking into consideration funding initiatives with Christians and agencies.
  6. Developing and implementing a procurement and disposal policy for all goods, works and services in the parish.
  7. Developing and maintaining an asset management policy for renovations, repairs and improvements to meet parish needs.
  8. Advising and assisting groups and societies on modalities of funding their activities such as retreats, training e.t.c.

Christians are encouraged to bring to the Committee relevant technical and professional expertise, strong advocacy/talents, communication and organizational skills