Parish History

Embulbul is an old village sitting on a rock. Some associate its Maasai name to a small bird while others derive the name from water that comes from beneath the ground simply because when it floods water comes up through the floor of many houses. Embul-Bul was one of the gateways into the old Maasai reserve, which existed until 1967. Since then, many changes have taken place. 

In 1970s, the Embulbul Catholic Parish began as a Jumuiya (a Small Christian Community) comprising of Embulbul and Kerarapon under the Ngong Catholic Parish. Around 1977, the chairman of the small group and other Christians approached the Bishop of Ngong’ with the view of obtaining a plot in Embulbul where they could erect a Church. Bishop (Emeritus) Collins Davies accepted the idea. With the help of the late Buxton Karu, the Kajiado County Council allotted a plot to the Christians.

On 23rd August 1980, the late Rev. Fr. Sabas Mrosso celebrated the first Mass on the church plot under the Murichu tree, which still stands there today. A small shed was thereafter erected just big enough to house the altar and the first Mass celebrated there was by Fr. Gerard Geraphty. Stones were arranged in rows to serve as seats for the faithful to sit on in the open. From that day Mass was celebrated every Sunday and so the journey to an Outstation to a Parish had begun. 

On 21st December 1980s after celebrating Holy Mass, Rev. Fr. Sabas held a meeting with about 30 Christians to discuss the building of the church and Mr. Dominic Ng’ang’a was requested to oversee the building of the church. In January 1981, work started at the site. In the meantime Christians continued with contributions to start the building.

On the 22nd March 1981 the first load of building materials (i.e. wooden off-cuts) was delivered from Kikuyu sawmills. Cedar Posts and timber followed and were stored at Dominic’s homestead. The Christians continued to raise money for the church building but the progress was very slow. When Fr. Cronin saw the rate at which Christians were raising money, he approached Bishop Davies and borrowed Ksh 10,000 to start building. This money was to be paid back by the Christians in installments.

At the beginning of July 1981, the church was almost complete, although the floor was not cemented and there were no benches to sit on. On 19th July 1981, the Mass was celebrated inside the new church.

In December 1982, the planning began for to build a more permanent structure. On the 10th July, 1983, the Ngong Parish Council under the chairmanship of Dominic Ng’ang’a defined the boundaries for the Embulbul Church. The Olepolos Catholic Church, which until that time still belonged to the Ngong Parish, was put under Embul-bul. The Embulbul Church then encompassed the following areas, Veterinary Olepolos, Embulbul, and Kerarapon.

In March 1986, the Diocese of Ngong wrote to Olkejuado County Council asking for sufficient land to build the new church in view of needs of some 300 Catholics in this area. In November 1990, the Clerk to the Council wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Lands informing him that the full Council meeting on 5th July 1990 the Council unanimously resolved to exchange its parcel of land with the Embulbul Catholic Church as the Church had requested. On 15th May 1992, an allotment letter was issued by the Department of Lands for a 0.82 hectare FREE HOLD plot.

In March 1993 the Kajiado District Registry issued title deed number Bulbul/40 for 0.8204 hectare to the church. This is the plot where this church currently stands.

In 1992 when the present plot was allocated to Embulbul Catholic Church, the building of the new church could not start due to a dispute that had to be resolved first.

In April 1993 Rev. Fr. Francis Mwangi a native of Embulbul was ordained and held his first Mass at Embul-bul.  Later on the 12th of June 1994, Fr. Norbert Chumu also celebrated his first Mass at the same venue having been ordained at Watakatifu Wote Centre the previous day.

A formal Church Council was formed from four small Christian communities on 2nd July 1995 and the officials elected on 23rd July 1995.  Mr. Paul Levorin became chairman of the Church Council. He continued leading until his resignation in 1997.

The Embulbul Catholic Church was officially named “Mary Mother of God” on 1st January 1996 and since then we have celebrated Mass in honor of our Mother.

Key institutions at the Parish