About Embulbul Catholic Parish

Parish Vision

We strive towards an “inclusive and dynamic Catholic Community that fosters physical, psychological, human and spiritual growth through enhanced formation while promoting a just society and the integrity of creation”

Mission Statement

We are a Catholic Christian Community that serve Christ through collective participation and enhanced formation on human, spiritual and psychological development while promoting a just society and integrity of creation.

Parish Core Values

  1. Inclusivity, solidarity and fraternity.
  2. Love and respect for God, Neighbour and Creation.
  3. Proclaim, Witness and Serve.
  4. Safe, healthy, clean and conducive environment.


  1. Stewardship: We will donate our time, talents and resources to ensure the Gospel is spread
  2. Hospitality: We will evangelize, celebrate and worship so that our neighbours will contemplate and admire the unique gifts God has given us in order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere 
  3. Unity in Diversity: Embulbul Parish is a Catholic Community that recognizes all of its members as unique individuals with a commitment to common faith. In that faith we come together to share ourselves in fellowship and offer one another the mutual support that any family provides
  4. Christian Formation: Through Catechesis, seminars, training and workshops we are provided with an opportunity to grow in knowledge and understanding of our God, our faith and our Church
  5. Pastoral Care: In the Pastoral Care we recognize our responsibility to our sisters and brothers who are in need: physical, emotional or spiritual … As well, we pay much attention to nature which accommodates us
  6. Evangelization: We share the richness of our Catholic tradition with other faiths through prayer, worship, study, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue and hospitality