Welcome to EmbulBul Parish, A Loving Community.

About Us

A brief history of the parish foundation and its three branches of the Embulbul parish with a story of how they were founded.

Our leadership

Our leadership family consists of a concrete list of our priests, staff, and select leaders of the various church associations.

Church work ministries.

Church work ministries comprise various associations within the church grouped into categories of men, women, youth, and children.

Christian groups

Also called ‘Jumuias’, they are supposed to make it convenient for congregants to meet according to their area of residence.

Join Our Community.

Join our Embulbul community and become a part of something bigger than one person. A course of Christian on a journey to seek the truth of life in accordance with God’s command.

Making worship experiences memorable and touching hearts.

Each membership is essential in delivering that dream worship experience every Christian is longing for through service in church mass activities.Asa member of the parish,you are able to get the spiritual support you need to get ahead in your spiritual journey and find like minds to exchange ideas and thoughts on Christianity and life in General.


New updates.

Get the latest updates involving the church and various church activities. 

All our latest news and updates

Get updated on updates of the church like local harambees, wedding announcements, Choir practices, small Christian groups updates, association meetings, and other activities going on in the church.